Name Description Free Credit(s) on Signup * Daily Free Credit(s) ** Price per Credit Minimum Buy
SMS API Send an SMS to anywhere in the world at R0.40 per credit.
Click here to view SMS Pricing Per Country.
10 - R 0.40 100 credits for R 40
Geolocation API Find out detailed information on IPV4 and IPV6 ip addresses. 250 250 R 0.00 50000 credits for R 50
Whois API Get whois information on any domain name. 5 - R 1.00 100 credits for R 100
Currency API Get realtime currency conversion rates. 20 20 R 0.01 2500 credits for R 25
General Info API A variety of general data. Unlimited *** Unlimited *** R 0.00 NA

  • * Any new client will get this amount of credit(s) for FREE in order to test our APIs.
  • ** Some APIs also get topped up daily. Should your balance go below this amount, you will be topped up to this amount.
  • *** Although the info API is free, we do have normal rate-limiting enabled. Do not execute more than 1 query per second.